DOT: Hot weather could cause pavement buckling

File photo (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

(WLUK) -- What's usually a summertime problem could rear its head on Wisconsin roads this first weekend of fall.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation says unseasonably hot weather could lead to pavement buckling. The DOT says pavement buckles are most common when weather quickly changes from cool to very hot. The pavement expands, causing concrete slabs to push against each other, and if the pressure becomes too great, the pavement buckles.

The DOT recommends drivers follow these steps to deal with the potential of pavement buckling:

  • Slow down, buckle your seat belt and eliminate distractions to focus completely on the road.
  • Watch for slowing traffic and be ready to move over for roadside workers, including those fixing damaged pavement.
  • Before you leave, call 511, check, use the DOT's mobile apps, or check @511WI on Twitter for information on incidents or delays.
  • If necessary, call 911 to report serious pavement issues.
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