Police: Baby girl ingests crack cocaine in Milwaukee

February 2, 2018/ WLUK

MILWAUKEE (WLUK) -- An 11-month-old child ingested cocaine inside a Milwaukee home, and now her parents are facing charges.

Dartavius Spencer and Andrea Rogers, the girl's parents, were charged with child neglect shortly after the October incident.

A search warrant revealed the father admitted the bag had "fallen out of his pocket" and he saw his daughter chewing on it.

Spencer told police that he told Rogers -- the baby's mother -- and they agreed to wait and "see how she reacted."

The girl suffered a seizure inside their home and was taken away in an ambulance.

The child was transported to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin where she was treated for ingesting a high concentration of cocaine.

When Spencer got to the hospital, police say he didn't tell them the baby had ingested the drugs.

When police interviewed the mother, Rogers admitted to deleting texts from Spencer because she though it would, "make things look more suspicious."

Court documents suggest authorities believe both parents were aware the baby ingested cocaine, as well as how and when it occurred.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney filed an affidavit to search both of the parents phones.

Both of these cases are ongoing.

The parents will be back in court next week.

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