Walker's welfare overhaul bills cost more than $90 million

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker arrives for the State of the State Address Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018 in the Assembly Chamber of the State Capitol in Madison. (Steve Apps/Wisconsin State Journal via AP)

MADISON (AP) -- Bills to toughen Wisconsin's welfare requirements offered by Gov. Scott Walker are estimated to cost more than $90 million a year.

The proposals include increasing work requirements for able-bodied adults on food stamps and expanding the requirement for the first time to parents.

Walker and Republican supporters say the measures will move more people off of welfare programs and into the workforce. Opponents argue they will be counter-productive and costly.

Democratic state Rep. Lisa Subeck, of Madison, reacted to the estimated costs Friday by calling the Walker proposal an "election-year gimmick."

An Assembly committee was expected to vote on the bills next week, clearing the way for the full Assembly to take them up later this month.

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