Walker stumps in Green Bay while Biden campaigns in Madison

Former Vice President Joe Biden, left, campaigns on behalf of Democrats in Madison (image courtesy CNN) on the same day Republican Gov. Scott Walker campaigns in Green Bay (WLUK image).

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- It's a big day of political campaigning in Wisconsin with election day one week away.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker held a campaign rally with supporters in Green Bay this morning. U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson joined him.

"Today I ask for your help, I ask for your prayers,and you vote," said Walker.

The visit comes as polls show a tight race between Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers. But on Wednesday Walker said he was confident voters would cast their ballot for him come election day.

"Do you want to continue to have more jobs and higher wages, or more spending and higher a deficits. That's the difference between me and Tony Evers," Walker said. "Tony's taxes are a recipe for another recession, but i'm not going to let that happen. Not for our sake, but for our kids sake and our grand kids," he said.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden campaigned in Madison on behalf of Evers and U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin. Baldwin faces Republican challenger Leah Vukmir next Tuesday.

"These guys are phonies. Flat phonies. The idea they say all of a sudden -- as they say in southern Delaware, they talk in an accent - all of a sudden these boys have had an altar call? They've seen the Lord? And all of a sudden they are for making sure pre-existing conditions are covered. They not only are not telling you the truth. They're pretty stupid because you cannot possibly afford to do it unless you have everybody in on the deal," said Former Vice President Biden. "

Biden said outcome of this election will not only affect the policies put in place by lawmakers, but says a lot about character of our Country.

"You know we stand for giving Americans a fighting change but to do it we have to re-set the moral compass here," said Biden.

Vukmir was holding events with Eric Trump in Sheboygan, Kronenwetter which is near Wausau and Wisconsin Rapids.

Early voting is going on right now across Wisconsin. To learn more about how to vote early, visit our Beyond the Podium section.


The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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