McCabe wants Democratic voter list party won't turn over

Mike McCabe (Photo courtesy of Mike McCabe)

MADISON (AP) -- Democratic candidate for governor Mike McCabe is squabbling with his own party.

McCabe says he got the "run-around for almost six weeks" when he sought a list of Democratic Party members.

Democratic Party spokeswoman Melanie Conklin says the list is available for purchase to any member of the party. She says to become a member you have to pay a $25 membership fee to join but McCabe has not done that.

McCabe for years worked as a political activist and said he was not a member of any party.

McCabe says he has obtained the member and voter lists from another source. But he says the party should make them available to all Democratic gubernatorial candidates for free.

McCabe is one of more than a dozen Democrats running or thinking about getting in the race to challenge Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

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