Evers begins transition to governor, budget tour continues

Gov.-elect Tony Evers (D) talks to a crowd in Green Bay during his budget tour. (WLUK image)

(WLUK) -- As Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers gets ready to transition into his new role, he's already started his statewide budget tour.

He held his first stop in Green Bay Tuesday.

Other stops planned include Wausau. That happened Wednesday.

On Monday, he's scheduled for Superior, and on Tuesday, La Crosse.

He'll finish his tour at a United Way center in Waukesha next week.

The lame-duck session bills and the state budget tour have become the top two topics concerning Evers.

"We want to make sure that you have the opportunity for... to be part of developing, frankly, the most important policy piece that comes out of state government and that's the state budget," said Gov.-elect Tony Evers.

Lance Kelley teaches government studies at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and says the budget tour can be looked at in various ways.

"Getting more people out there, letting people voice their opinions, meeting them one-on-one... small settings yes but the bottom line is, is he going to get this stuff done starting January and that's going to be a very difficult situation," Kelley said.

Difficult because Evers will govern with a Republican-controlled legislature. One, which last week, approved sweeping changes that would weaken his ability to make rules that enact laws.

Gov. Scott Walker has yet to sign the bills but has said the powers of the governor will remain strong and line-item vetoes are likely.

"I've yet to find anything that fundamentally takes away the powers of the attorney general or the governor," Walker said.

As for Evers, Kelley says, it's going to take time to see what the future governor has planned for the state budget and whether the legislature will approve it.

"We're still a while away before we really get into some details about the budget itself. Unless he's ready to go with his budget after these four or five tours. I think they last until next week. I think Milwaukee's the last one. So, it'll be interesting to see, in the next three and a half weeks what is accomplished," Kelley said.

Evers will unveil his full spending plan to the legislature during his budget address this winter. His inauguration is set for Monday, Jan. 7.

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