City staff alleges Green Bay alderman asked employee about sex tape

Alderman Guy Zima listens to a speaker at the Protection and Welfare meeting on September 12, 2016. (WLUK/Andy Harbath)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WLUK) -- Ald. Guy Zima is responding to an accusation that he asked a city employee if she made a sex tape.

That allegation is one of a handful that FOX 11 found out about through an open records request.

For two months now, City Hall employees have been following special rules when meeting with Zima.

“They are just making mountains out of mole hills and of course I'm not even a public employee,” said Zima.

Zima says the incident involving the sex tape allegation happened earlier this year in the lobby of the mayor's office.

City records show an employee says Zima asked her, “Are you like Kim Kardashian? Did you videotape the wedding night?”

In the city documents, which redacted city employee names, the employee described the conversation as uncomfortable and gross, and the employee tried to change the subject. However, she says Zima went on, saying he saw Kardashian's sex tape a couple times.

City documents show three witnesses confirmed the incident.

“We were all looking at a bunch of wedding pictures and somehow the subject of reality TV had come up,” said Zima. “I said, 'well, yeah the Kardashians, they put everything on.' I said they even got a sex tape right on the internet. That was the context of what it was. I didn't mean anything improper about any of the employees.”

Zima says he offered to apologize when city staff confronted him about the conversation.

“I didn't think it was anything that serious,” said Zima. “If it was something serious, they would have filed a complaint.”

City records also outline a handful of incidents involving Zima and city clerk employees from August and September. In one incident an employee is described as crying so hard they could not speak as a result of Zima yelling at them.

FOX 11 also received four emails from Mayor Jim Schmitt as part of the open records request. In each one, Schmitt asks city attorneys to address Zima's behavior.

“Guy Zima is a psychopath and will continue his behavior no matter what we do,” wrote Schmitt.

Zima already has two people challenging his city council seat next year: On Broadway Executive Director Brian Johnson and Marquette Park Neighborhood Association President Jim Ridderbush.

Johnson posted on social media that Zima should resign because of these latest allegations.

“That isn't going to happen,” said Zima. “Everybody says something they maybe wish they had not said at one time or another, but there is nothing that rises to the level of anything like that.”

“It’s an embarrassment to our city to have elected officials being accused of these things,” Ridderbush wrote to FOX 11 in an email.

Voters will decide the city council seats in April.

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