UWGB expert identifies your photos of spiders

A nursery web spider crawls through a raspberry patch in Caroline. (Photo submitted by Chad Wuske)

(WLUK) -- What a web we wove when we shared a photo of a fishing spider last week.

The photo that was sent to us was taken on a boat on Chute Pond in Mountain. We asked for your photos of spiders -- similar or not -- and got quite a response.

Take a look:

Mike Draney, a professor of natural and applied science at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, took note of all the photos that were shared.He was able to identify several of them, just from looking at the pictures.

Here's what he said:

Most of the photos are indeed Dolomedes fishing spiders.
One (Michelle H., 2015) might be a species that is rarely seen in Wisconsin. But I can’t tell for sure from the photo.
Two photos are of spiders in the same family as fishing spiders (Pisauridae), but they are not fishing spiders: The one from Iola, WI is a nursery web spider, Pisaurina mira, and also the one from Caroline, WI.
One spider is a wolf spider (family Lycosidae), which is related to the Pisaurids, but only wolf spiders carry their babies on their backs. This is the photo from Katie H. (Menominee)
One spider (from Elke, Menasha) is a funnel web spider, Agelenopsis sp. Not closely related to fishing spiders.
One spider (from Stacy A.) appears to be a running spider, Trachelas tranquillus.
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