PHOTO: Bear climbs up to 2nd floor deck to eat bird seed

A bear peeks through the window of a second-floor deck in Clintonville, June 2018. (Photo submitted by Nancy Schley)

CLINTONVILLE (WLUK) -- Hungry bears are really good at finding food.

That's what Nancy Schley of Clintonville says she learned after a bear ambled up onto her second-floor deck in search of bird seed.

Schley shared a photo of the bear to FOX 11's Chime In page.

She tells us she hung a bird feeder on her upper deck, hoping it would be inaccessible to bears. But this one showed up anyway.

Schley says when she went outside to take a picture of the bear, it looked at her and kept eating. The bear played on her deck for about an hour.

Here's what the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says about protecting bird feeders from bears:

Bears love bird seed. If you live in prime bear habitat, take down your feeders in early spring and don’t replace them until late fall. If you must feed birds during the months when bears are active, make the bird feeders inaccessible to bears. Hang feeders at least 10 feet off the ground and five feet away from tree trunks on a limb that will not support a bear. You can refill the feeders easily by using a pulley system. If a bear visits your feeders, discontinue all feeding for at least 30 days. When you bring your bird feeders in, remember to clean up all spilled seed or suet below the feeding area.

Spring is an active time for young bears. The DNR says mother bears push their year-old cubs into the world during the springtime of their second year. While females are tolerated within their mother's territory, males are strongly encouraged to establish their own territory.

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