Mystery object removed from Rhode Island beach, still unclear what it is

FILE: Image shows a mysterious object removes from Westerly Beach, R.I. Authorities and locals are encouraging people to share and solve the mystery. (Credit: @MattReedNews, NBC 10 reporter)

After a month of questions and speculation, the mysterious object in the water just off East Beach in Westerly, Rhode Island was finally dug up Thursday morning.

It took almost an hour, but the large metal object was unearthed.

It's still unclear as to what it is.

A large excavator started digging at 10 a.m. in front of crowd close to 75 people, who were all eager to find out what it is.

The initial plan was to scoop sand surrounding the object in one piece, but it was so deep in the sand that it ended up being broken into pieces. The pieces were brought ashore and then taken to an undisclosed location.

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