Appleton PD: Stop reporting turkey sightings

A wild turkey displays its plumage in Menasha April 18, 2017. (Submitted by Tim Sweet)

(WLUK) -- Wild turkeys are becoming a common sight in the Fox Valley, but one police department says the birds don't need to be reported.

The Appleton Police Department posted an update on its official Twitter account saying, "we know they exist."

Viewer Tim Sweet sent a photo of a turkey strutting its stuff in Menasha earlier this week. Do you have a photo to share? Submit it to ReportIt.

According to the state Department of Natural Resources, there were no turkeys in Wisconsin as recently as the 1970s, before they were reintroduced to the state. Hunters' kills in recent years have ranked among the highest in the nation.

The DNR says it's been surprised at how tolerant of harsh winter weather turkeys have been. Their future numbers are expected to fluctuate based on natural factors such as weather and the availability of food.

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