Ohio sheriff's deputy resigns after allegedly trying to meet 15-year-old for sex

    Hamilton County jailer resigns after allegedly trying to meet 15-year-old for sex (Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A Hamilton County sheriff's deputy resigned Friday after being caught in a Facebook Live sex sting by a group of parents.

    Ryan Parker, 32, worked for the sheriff's office in the jail division for two years. Parker has not been charged with a crime.

    Thursday evening, members of the Facebook group Parents Against Predators Nationwide staked out an apartment building in Clermont County. The members had set up a meeting with Parker, who thought he was meeting a 15-year-old girl for sex.

    "We've got an exposure going on tonight. Thirty-two-year-old Ryan meeting our 15-year-old decoy," said member Dale Cook, who was on the Facebook Live video.

    Cook can be seen on the video approaching Parker from behind.

    Dale Cook: She's not coming.

    Ryan Parker: What?

    Dale Cook: She's not coming.

    Ryan Parker: What do you mean?

    Cook and his wife, Kelle, confronted Parker. They started setting up stings on Parents Against Predators Nationwide last month and have conducted several.

    They work with Facebook groups in other states.

    "A lot of my friends are cops, and they're great. I just feel there's not enough resources to monitor the chat sites that we need done," Cook said.

    Cook said a few days ago, Parker started chatting with a decoy out of Pennsylvania.

    "He started out warning me about the men that are out there that will take advantage of these children," said Brandi.

    Cook said Parker started to send explicit messages and naked photos. Then, Parker set up the Thursday night meeting.

    Ryan Parker: I made stupid decisions to send those pictures, but I wasn't going to act on it.

    Dale Cook: You weren't going to act on it? C'mon man.

    Parker admitted on Facebook Live that he was a sheriff's deputy. He tried to say he thought the meeting might be a setup and that is why he drove from Green Township to the apartment building in Clermont County.

    Dale Cook: Right now, you're a sexual predator.

    Ryan Parker: Well, I don't know. I'm not a sexual predator really?

    Dale Cook: How aren't you?

    The Cooks said they are not vigilantes but they want to work with police to keep children safe. The have a message for parents.

    "Monitor your children's social media devices. That would basically cut us out if each parent monitored their children's devices," Cook said.

    A couple from Indiana set up Parents Against Predators Nationwide four months ago. The group works with Facebook groups from Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Indiana and other states.

    The chat logs and photos from Parker's discussions with the decoy have been turned over to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office. An administrative investigation is being conducted.

    To watch the entire Facebook live, click here.


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