Convicted rapist likely cut off ankle bracelets with pumpkin carving knife, documents say

Ronald Cook is escorted to Rome City Court on Tuesday/ Photojournalist Quindell Williams

A convicted rapist who sparked a days-long search when he allegedly cut himself free of a GPS tracking ankle bracelet and an alcohol monitoring bracelet is believed to have done so with a pumpkin carving knife, according to documents obtained by CNYCentral.

Ronald Cook pleaded not guilty to charges of third- and fourth-degree Criminal Mischief, which are related to the removal of the bracelets, in Rome City Court Tuesday. Cook was ordered held without bail.

Cook did not say anything as he was asked about his alleged actions while entering and exiting the court.

The felony complaint against Cook claims he cut off the GPS ankle bracelet and a SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet on November 8 while in Rome.

In a deposition William Paolozzi, a Parole Officer for the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, says the bracelets were found in the basement bathroom garbage at St. Peters Church on N. James Street in Rome, along with an orange-handled pumpkin knife.

"Each of Ronald Cook's bracelets were cut at the band by what appears to be the pumpkin knife," Paolozzi's deposition says.

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According to a lieutenant with Binghamton Police, Cook was eating at a restaurant in Binghamton on Saturday, Nov. 10, when 911 received a call from people at the restaurant who recognized him.

WBNG reports that Cook was found at Little Venice Restaurant on Chenango Street in Binghamton. Police would not identify the name of the restaurant.

They said the key to the arrest was the people who were alert and took action.hey were able to recognize the person from different media outlets. The broadcast of his picture led him to be recognized, and led to the suspect to be taken into custody," Binghamton Police Lt. Cory Minor said.

Cook was transported back to the Oneida County Jail Monday ahead of his Tuesday court appearance.

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