Ben Carson: Some Trump supporters still 'reluctant' to admit support

Dr. Ben Carson (Photo courtesy MGN Online)

(WLUK) -- With less than two weeks before Election Day, Donald Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton by as much as 12 percentage points in some national polls. Trump supporter and former presidential candidate Ben Carson says he believes there are Trump supporters who will show up on Election Day, but they aren't making their voices heard right now.

"There's no question. I've talked to such people," Carson said Thursday morning on Good Day Wisconsin. "When they get polled, they're reluctant to say that they're Trump supporters because that narrative has been spread throughout our country that if you're a Trump supporter, you're a racist. Of course that's false. It's a propaganda war as much as it is anything."

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A Clinton supporter appeared on Good Day Wisconsin Wednesday morning and said many Trump supporters are embarrassed to admit their support.

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