Alaska's quick road repair stuns lower 48 state drivers

    (CNN, Scott Marsteller, Alaska Tour & Travel)

    ANCHORAGE (WLUK) -- Well, that didn't take long.

    Just days after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Alaska Friday, tearing apart roads, traffic can resume.

    The amazing 72-hour transformation of an off-ramp in Anchorage has those in the lower 48 states in awe of Alaska road crews.

    The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities says it's harder to pave roads at this time of year due to cold temperatures, but they can do it.

    But there's still a lot of work to do. Inspectors and officials have identified 50 locations on state-owned roads that need repairs and 243 bridges were affected by the earthquake.

    The federal government released $5 million in emergency funds to help get short-term repairs started as quickly as possible.

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