Tom's Tunes is making a difference with music

Tom's Tunes singing group performs for residents at McCormick Assisted Living facility in Allouez. (WLUK)

ALLOUEZ (WLUK) -- Members of the singing group Tom's Tunes are getting ready.

They're about to entertain residents at the McCormick Assisted Living facility in Allouez.

"Tom Kelley's group is pretty special. I wouldn't miss it for anything. They do a fabulous job," said resident, Jeanne Flatley.

"We do a lot of oldies because I felt that we needed to give back to the community," said Tom Kelley, member of Tom's Tunes.

Once the singing starts, the smiles form.

"I think it is making a difference for the quality of their life," said Kelley.

Kelley started the group 14 years ago. He says, it's a bunch of friends who enjoy singing together. Ever since, they've been traveling the area to perform, sing, and get the audience involved.

"Seeing the smiles on the faces, the enjoyment; they're kind of tapping their toes, joining in, just having a good time," said administrator, Jim Genrich, McCormick.

Genrich says residents look forward to the music, which can take them back.

"The right song comes along and it brings back those specific memories, and generally very positive," said Genrich.

That's exactly the kind of feedback the group's leader loves to hear.

"I can't tell you how many times I've been singing with someone and they'll start tapping their toes, or snapping their fingers and it's just so enjoyable to really see them enjoying themselves," said Kelley.

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