Students making a difference by putting down electronics

Students at Holy Family Elementary in Green Bay are challenging themselves and the community to "Snap Out of It," and go without electronics for 24 hours, February 2018. (WLUK)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WLUK) -- Whether it's opening up a laptop computer or checking your cell phone, most of us use electronics on a daily basis.

Same goes for teens.

"Most teens are on average on their phones for seven hours in a day, which is a crazy amount of time," said Joey Bonadonna, eighth grader at Holy Family Elementary in Green Bay.

He wants that number to go down. And he's hoping to help with a community project.

One that he created with a classmate, who admits it's hard to put his phone down.

"Me, I'm on my electronics, too much. A lot of my friends are on social media too much. And it's just, we're trying to get people off social media and try to have time with family. Maybe watch a movie, or play a board game, or go sledding," said 8th grader, Andrew Delvoye.

Their project is called "Snap Out of It."

It's a challenge, to go electronics free for a 24-hour period this weekend.

They're making a difference by encouraging others to live in the moment.

"We're trying to make sure people are talking to each other," Delvoye said.

Tiffany Green, Holy Family Instructor, says, "It was very creative. And it made me proud, of them."

The students' teacher was impressed with the idea, especially it's relevance.

"This is something that they encounter every day. It's something that's such an integrated part of their life, both socially and even in an academic science," Green said.

Another part of the project is trying to eliminate cyberbullying.

The students want others to be aware of the words they use online.

The students say this isn't the easiest subject for them to talk about because some of them have experience with cyberbullying. But that's why they wanted to make it a part of their project.

"Some words can be used more as weapons, than what they're actually meant to be," Delvoye said.

"Social media has us in a trance, and we just really all need to snap out of that trance," Bonadonna said.

"I think that reminder of mindfulness of being in the present and understanding that life is a lot more than that four inch screen in front of you," Green said.

The challenge happens Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

The boys are also raising money with this challenge and donating it to Rawhide Boys Ranch, for at-risk youth counseling services.

And just this week, they learned that Cellcom made a $5,000 donation to their efforts.

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