Pulaski woman runs marathon in honor of co-worker who died of cancer

Alyssa Conard runs the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon in honor of her co-worker who recently died of cancer, May 21, 2017. (WLUK)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- A stranger has now become a part of Mark Kralovec's family.

"I just met Mark for the first time, just a few minutes ago," said Alyssa Conard of Pulaski.

Alyssa worked with Kralovec's wife, Martha, at St. Vincent Hospital.

"She was amazing, she had a kind heart," she said.

In early January, Martha was diagnosed with cancer.

"She was diagnosed with a tumor shortly after she had signed up for the Cellcom (Green Bay Marathon), and unfortunately passed away one month later," explained Alyssa.

After learning of the loss of her coworker, and her love of running, Alyssa says she had to do something.

"I had the idea that I wanted to run a full marathon in her honor, and be able to collect donations for her husband Mark, and their three boys," she said.

She did so, by creating a GoFundMe page called "Miles for Martha."

Mark Kralovec had also signed up for the marathon. He says Alyssa's random act of kindnesses has helped him heal.

"We signed up for this marathon Jan. 1 -- kind of a New Year's resolution -- and really, after her death, I had no idea I'd be standing here."

Sunday, Alyssa stood in Martha's place to run her race.

"I get to run with her bib in her honor, and it will cross the finish line," said Alyssa.

As she crossed the finish line 26.2 miles later, Kralovec says Alyssa will complete what would have been Martha's third marathon.

"We both wanted to finish it, it's a part of our three-medal series, it's like a puzzle we both wanted to finish, Alyssa is going to finish that puzzle for her today."

As of 7 p.m. Sunday, the "Miles for Martha" GoFundMe page had received $2,961 worth of donations.

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