Man in wheelchair halfway through journey from Janesville to Green Bay

FOND DU LAC (WLUK) -- Five miles at a time, a Wisconsin man is making a journey from Janesville to Green Bay, in his wheelchair.

Dennis Schulze says he's making the trek to raise money for five charities that hold a special place in his heart.

"It's pretty easy. I go backwards and Joan follows me," Schulze said.

He plans to end his trip at Lambeau Field.

"I'm doing it in the wintertime because it's a challenge, and it's for those who can't get out and do it," Schulze said.

This voyage, coined "Dennis's Lambeau Journey," is an effort to raise money for five charities.

But he says, this mission has become much more than that.

"It's not just about raising the money for the charities, I'm trying to promote the kindness in the world," Schulze said.

Joan Sohn, Dennis' friend, said, "It's just been awesome, the kindness and generosity."

Sohn has been with Dennis throughout the trip.

She says she's already gotten more out of it than she could have imagined.

"I'm changed for the better. I'm a lot more patient and a lot more caring of strangers," Sohn said.

All along the way, Dennis and Joan have made countless new friends.

From police officers, to school children, to people who've stopped them on the road.

"I didn't really expect all this when I started this, but the people are just coming out," Schulze said.

Sohn said, "Meeting the people is my favorite par,t and getting all the hugs. You can never have too many hugs."

Some might say Dennis is at a slight disadvantage for a journey of this magnitude. He lost a leg in a car crash.

But he says he was never going to let that hold him back.

"Why should I?" he questioned.

So until his journey is done, he plans to just keep moving forward.

Being in Fond du Lac, Dennis is about halfway done with his 170 mile journey.

He says he plans to make it to Lambeau field within the next month.

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