Madison Street Boutique, making a difference one outfit at a time

Madison Street Boutique, located inside the YWCA in Green Bay, July 2017. (WLUK)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- There's a new place to shop in the area that's also making a difference for women.

It's called the Madison Street Boutique, and you can find it inside the YWCA building, in Green Bay.

Organizers are excited about its early success.

"I love to come here. It helps me, it helps others and if you come and see it for yourself, you'd enjoy it too," said Lizette Grondy, Green Bay.

Gondry is a volunteer at the YWCA.

"I think it's very good for women to know there's a boutique with good prices that is reachable for any woman," said Gondry.

"It's for anyone who loves a good bargain," said Joan Johnson, the director of the Women's Empowerment Center at the YWCA.

She says for years, they've had success with a program called, "The Women's Closet," which offers free, career-clothing.

But they wanted to expand and have a place for nicer items that don't always fit into that category.

"So we thought about the idea of a boutique, where we could offer these special designer, high-end items, along with things like swimwear, all the way to special occassion wear, that are outside the realm of career," said Johnson.

There are lots of shoes, accessories and clothing items that could catch your eye.

"This is shopping with a purpose, that will make a difference in a woman's life," said Johnson.

She says all of the money raised in the boutique goes back to the YWCA, into empowerment programming.

"You can come here and purchase some great items for $3 to $5 per item and know that your donation to us is going to help fund our seven other programs that empower women," said Johnson.

Some of the shoppers become volunteers, like Grondy.

"And by helping somebody else and making a difference in a woman's life, I go back home so happy and so thankful. So it helps me in many ways, too. It comes back," said Grondy.

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