Green Bay softball program expanding optimistically

The Green Bay Optimist Club has expanded its softball program over the past 15 years. (WLUK)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- The Green Bay Optimist softball program has more players than ever before.

But it was a much different story 15 years ago.

Only a few dozen girls played Green Bay Optimist softball before Dave Crevcoure took the reins. In the early 2000’s, the games were played on a single diamond. Now they span four fields at the Finger Road complex.

Crevcoure is the softball supervisor, but he’s also put in his time with the Green Bay Optimist chapter as a 3-time past president.

“I joined the club to be active in the community and this is where I ended up and I’m very happy,” says Crevcoure.

Ron Metzler is a municipal judge in Bellevue who is also an Optimist Club member. He says Crevcoure jump-started a league that only included older girls. It’s now available for those as young as four.

“Dave is somebody who took a program that had a little bit going for a certain number of families and he did such a great job,” says Metzler.

When the Green Bay Optimist softball program started more than a decade ago, there were about 60 girls in the program. Today it’s tripled, to more than 200.

Crevcoure says volunteer parents who help coach make the experience better for everyone. “I even ask them to come back every year," says Crevcoure. " Some of the guys, their daughters are moving out of high school and they coach down at the 3rd and 4th grade level and I ask them to come back because they’re so good with the kids.”

A party at Bay Beach wraps up the season and Crevcoure makes sure every girl gets recognized. “The girls walk up and get their trophies. I believe everyone should get a trophy. I’m not just for first," says Crevcoure. "They participate, they tried, they succeeded.”

The summer season for Green Bay Optimist softball starts the first week of June. The fall season lasts four weeks, and the final games wrapped up earlier tonight.

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