Allouez boy drawing up donations

David Gelb drawing a picture. The 7-year-old Allouez boy is raising donations through his artwork for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. (WLUK/Jesse Basinski)

ALLOUEZ, Wis. (WLUK) -- An Allouez boy is making a difference.

7-year-old David Gelb may have a future in fundraising. But it’s the reason he’s raising cash that’ll warm your heart.

David said he feels like a good person when he’s helping others. And in just a couple of days he’s about to help a lot of people he’s never even met.

David has a knack for drawing pictures. He also has an entrepreneurial spirit. He somehow figured out that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to combine the two, and started drawing pictures for family members, and selling them for a dollar each.

But he wasn’t planning on keeping the cash. He told his mom he was raising it for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

“It’s neat how much he enjoys it and how proud he is of what he’s doing,” said his mom, Katie Gelb.

“The idea of children’s hospital and giving the money away was completely his,” adds his dad, Matt Gelb.

His mom thought maybe he’d raise $20. But David set his sights set a little bit higher.

“I thought it was going to like be up to $99 or something,” said David.

David knows what sick kids are going through, because he’s been there. He was diagnosed with major heart problems even before he was born. He has already been through a number of procedures, including two open-heart surgeries.

The first picture David drew was a family portrait which included Dad Matt, David, Mom Katie and twin sisters Megan and Ellen.

His mom put that picture on Facebook, explained what David was doing, and the rest is history. Requests for his artwork started pouring in.

“I didn’t even think it was going to be up to this number,” said David.

His grand total so far has now reached more than $1,400.

“I just want to like help kids and I really want to help people be better with their heart,” said David.

And that comes straight from a kid who’s got a pretty big one himself.

On Friday, David and the family will be headed to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Wauwatosa for his bi-annual heart checkup. That’s when he also plans to hand over his hard-earned money from his labor of love.

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