Denmark High School volunteer dives right in

Tiffany Polzin painting a prop for the production of The Little Mermaid (Photo Courtesy WLUK)

DENMARK (WLUK) -- A Denmark High School student is making a difference.

Tiffany Polzin says she got hooked on volunteering when she was 7-years-old.

These days she doesn’t mind lending a helping hand, even if that means getting them dirty.

Those who know her say Tiffany Polzin is usually the person to step up. But she says volunteering is a labor of love.

“I get back happiness,” says Polzin. “You see someone really happy from what you’ve done and it drives you to continue volunteering and help out more.”

Polzin has been giving up her weekends for the school’s production of The Little Mermaid. But before she can transform into the lead role of Ariel, she’s helping transform the scenery.

But coloring coral is just a trickle in her ocean of volunteer activities.

She’s also an elementary school math tutor, a middle school band assistant and she donates time at Heritage Hill State Historical Park, the Brown County Library and local nursing homes.

David Harper, who’s directing the upcoming production, has known Polzin for a decade and says she’s a great example for people of any age.

“She just has a giving heart,” says Harper. “She’s just always willing to help out, and that’s probably what makes her most unique and special.”

Since the new school year started, Polzin and other volunteers have been giving up their Saturdays helping construct the set at Denmark High School.

And while Harper says Polzin is an inspiration to him, she’s also rubbing off on the younger generation.

“The kids around her see the effort she puts in to everything she does,” says Harper. “She’s in 100%.”

Whether it’s painting coral for The Little Mermaid, or volunteering in general, Polzin says she’s happy to dive right in.

“I think that’d be cool if I could inspire someone to volunteer because it’s definitely worth the extra time,” says Polzin.

The Little Mermaid at Denmark High School opens Friday, Nov. 3 and runs for two weekends.

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