Culinary students make holiday cookies for homeless shelter delivery

NWTC students decorate cookies, December 11, 2017 (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Students at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College are making a difference, one cookie at a time.

The class of 10 culinary arts students spent the day baking and decorating hundreds of cookies.

The cookies will soon be delivered to a Green Bay homeless shelter.

Inside the culinary lab at NWTC, students combined a mixture of butter, eggs, sugar, flour, and sour cream to make sugar cookie dough. Abby Norman says she feels right at home in the kitchen.

"I absolutely love cooking. It's is one of my most favorite things to do," said Abby Norman, NWTC Culinary Student.

The students cut out hundreds of cookies Monday morning. From snowmen, to evergreen trees, and stars too. The soon-to-be snacks went into the oven, 325 degrees for about eight minutes.

"This is actually part of their curriculum. This is baking class too. The subject is baking, or cookies. So that's what we're doing today, is cookies," said David Crawford, NWTC Culinary Instructor.

Students mixed the colorful icing, and decorated the cookies as well. 240 of the sugary shapes were earmarked for the homeless at the New Community Shelter in Green Bay.

"We kind of have an alliance with the shelter. We've done some things, we've created some menus for them through our nutrition class. It's the holidays, and those people, being a chef, feeding people just makes you happy. So going down there, being able to feed anybody makes me happy, especially the New Community Shelter," said Crawford.

Students like Chantel Scott say the cause is contagious.

"I thought it was pretty nice. I never really got to be a part of something like that. To contribute to the community, in that kind of way. It's pretty nice. Especially around the holidays," said Chantel Scott, NWTC Culinary Student.

"Don't put yourself before others, because there is someone who is going to need more help who might be down on their luck than you are. And if you can help them out, you'll feel more fulfilled in your life I think," said Norman.

"Happy Holidays," she said,

The cookies will be delivered Tuesday afternoon.

This is the first time NWTC has offered holiday cookies to the shelter.

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