Coffee fundraiser helps children with heart issues

Coffee fundraiser helps children with heart issues (WLUK)

LEDGEVIEW (WLUK) -- When you look at this energetic little boy, it's hard to imagine anything is wrong.

But this smiling and playful 3-year-old, from Ledgeview, was born with a heart that needs extra attention.

"We didn't leave the hospital for the first 11 weeks,” Lindsay Arndt, Ledgeview.

Sully was born with four heart abnormalities.

He's had two open heart surgeries, and is getting ready for a third.

His mom, Lindsay Arndt, doesn't like the word "defect."

"So instead of saying he has a heart defect... He's got a fancy heart. That just seemed to flow better. And it's kind of stuck. We really like using it, and that's how he refers to it,” said Lindsay Arndt.

"Sully's kind of given us a platform to be able to talk about these things and bring it up to other people,” said Jay Arndt, Sully’s dad.

This week is congenital heart defect awareness week.

Each year, since Sully's been born, his parents try to do something special, to honor his journey, which wasn't always certain.

"There were days when we didn't even know if he'd be here... and now he's here and he's doing these great things, and he making us want to do these amazing things,” said Lindsay Arndt.

This year, they're raising money for the Herma Heart Institute, which is part of Children's Hospital of Wauwatosa.

They're doing it one cup at a time.

"We thought this would be awesome. We love coffee. Most people do... and we thought it was a really easy way and fun way to get people involved,” said Jay Arndt.

The coffee for the fundraiser is called the 'Fancy Heart Blend.' And you can see on the cover, the logo for the Luna Cafe, in De Pere. They created this coffee.

"People come into our business to help us. So it just makes sense that we would help them,” said Mark Patel, Luna Café.

So far, the custom blend coffee has been a big hit.

"We went into it thinking, we’ll sell a few bags. We have more than 450 orders with a week to go,” said Lindsay Arndt

The Arndt's are making a difference with this cause that is close to their hearts, and even closer to their son's.

They say Sully inspires so many people, including them.

“That big smile... He is such a happy kid. He embraces life like no other. And knowing that he's been through so much in just three and a half years, more than most of us will go through in a lifetime. He is the definition of joy,” said Lindsay Arndt.

For more information on the fundraiser, click here.

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