Your photos & videos: Spring flooding continues in Northeast Wisconsin

    Water creeps up to a porch of a house in Waushara County, March 15, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Kathy Schutten)<p>{/p}

    (WLUK) -- For the second day in a row, Northeast Wisconsin residents are experiencing widespread flooding Friday.

    Warm temperatures and rain Thursday caused area rivers to swell and flood homes, streets, businesses and schools. For many residents, the headache continues Friday.

    The corner of Longview Avenue and East River Drive flooded in Allouez area, March 15, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Bria Doxtater)

    Viewers have shared photos and videos of the high water on our Chime In page.

    If you can safely take a photo or video of the flooding in your neighborhood, share it with us. Please do not take photos or video while driving, and remember to avoid driving through water!

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