Woman convicted for fire which killed man

Roni Anderson appears in Brown County court Dec. 19, 2017. (WLUK/Don Steffens)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) – The woman who allegedly set fire to a Hobart man’s home, killing him, was convicted Tuesday of felony murder.

Roni Anderson will be sentenced March 19 for the June 12, 2015, fire which killed Harold Ambrosius, 89.

The no contest plea avoids a trial, which had been scheduled to start Jan. 5.

According to a criminal complaint, several witnesses and emergency responders told police they pulled up to the fire and saw Anderson kneeling over Ambrosius' lifeless body in the front yard. Some witnesses told police Anderson wouldn't let anyone try to help Ambrosius.

One witness told police Anderson was 'incoherent and was wailing.' The witness called Anderson's actions 'not genuine and almost as if it was something she thought she needed to do' and that she 'never saw any tears.'

However, Anderson told police she believed Ambrosius started the fire on purpose and she felt that he tried to kill her.

The arson count for setting this fire, and for an unrelated business fire, were dismissed as part of the plea deal.

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