Wintry weather and New Years Eve in the Fox Valley

    Wintry weather in the Fox Valley Monday, December 31, 2018. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang)

    APPLETON (WLUK) --Wintry weather was a welcome sight for Zach Wilkinson.

    "It was hard to have a brown Christmas, we need some snow to make it feel more like the season," said Zach.

    His father-in-law, Matt Greely, wished it could have came a little sooner.

    "We could have got out and enjoyed it a little bit more," said Greely.

    Although the snow was beautiful, the group said they plan on staying in, partly because of the snow-covered streets.

    "I think Wisconsin are very hardy people and they'll come out for this," said James Taylor, an organizer of the downtwon Menasha New Year's Celebration.

    Taylor believes a lot of residents will endure the snowflakes.

    "At 11 o’clock our DJ starts, we have street dance music and streets are closed off, the public's out here on Curtis Reed Square."

    Badger Sports Park in Appleton also offered some deals on New Year's laser tag, inflatables, basketball and more.

    Tim Miller, a team leader for Badger Sports Park, said the entertainment center is staying open a little later for New Year's Eve.

    "We know roads are bad and people can take their time when they come in here tonight," said Miller.

    At the Red Lion Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton, New Year's Eve means a night of music, games and food.

    "We bring back artists from previous mile of music festivals," explained Taylor Greenwood, an organizer for the event.

    Greenwood said the weather may dictate how many people attend.

    "But in years past we had anything up to a thousand, we hope that many people brave the weather tonight," said Greenwood.

    He said if people are worried about driving, there may still be hotel rooms available at Red Lion Paper Valley.

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