Wind damage in Kewaunee includes gas grill in pool

A tree has fallen on a car in Kewaunee Dec. 5, 2017, as high winds pummeled Northeast Wisconsin. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

KEWAUNEE (WLUK) -- Fierce winds blew through the state Tuesday, leaving some residents with damage to clean up.

The sound of howling winds woke some people overnight, or perhaps it was the sounds of snapping tree branches.

It may be getting better soon, but the gusts, at times 50 miles per hour or more, left their mark. Power poles snapped, and trees fell onto power lines.

And that wind certainly was strong enough to blow around pretty much anything that was not secured to the ground.

High winds toppled an evergreen tree Tuesday morning on Kewaunee's southwest side. Neighbors say no one was home at the time, but there was damage to the roof, and a car parked in the driveway. Just around the corner another tree trunk snapped off as a reminder of winds that blew across the area.

And in the same neighborhood, those gusts proved too much for Keri Karnopp's propane grill.

"It was right up here against the window, in the corner," said Keri Karnopp, Kewaunee.

"I had no idea what it was until I let the dog out, I noticed the grill wasn't by the back door anymore," she said.

Karnopp says the brakes were on, on the 100-pound barbeque.

"I thought this is weird, that the grill's not there. So I took a couple steps out here, and noticed the grill in the pool," she said.

In the pool indeed. The wind pushed the grill 24 feet across the wooden deck before splashing down on top of the pool cover.

"I was thinking how are we ever going to get that out? Because we put the winter cover on it this last weekend," said Karnopp.

The full sized-grill with the extra burner was soaked, half-submerged in a couple feet of water. Karnopp says her family will try to help her fish it out.

"I was surprised. But I guess all we could do is laugh about it now. At least nothing major was broken. The grill can be replaced," she said.

Karnopp says the grill was just one year old. She figures it will cost about $400 to replace it.

"I haven't had time to really think about it at all. But I guess we'll see what Santa brings us," said Karnopp.

Meanwhile, the clean up continues, Many Christmas decorations will need some attention as well.

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