What's in store for Oshkosh? 2019 plans for the city discussed

Oshkosh residents heard from the Positively Oshkosh panel at the 6th annual Oshkosh Outlook 2019 event Jan. 10, 2019. (WLUK/Jessie Basinski)

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WLUK) -- It's a new year, and that means changes for some, including cities.

Oshkosh residents heard about what’s in store for the city in 2019.

If you wanted to know about all of the happenings in Oshkosh, the Citizens for a Strong Oshkosh’s well-attended event was the place to be Thursday.

A panel made-up of education, city and county officials gave presentations about what can be expected from their respective departments.

Some of the topics discussed included the school district’s new strategic plan, as well as several projects that are taking place throughout the city.

One big project already underway is the Oshkosh Avenue Corridor Development, where the new Oshkosh Corporation headquarters are being built.

“We’re really excited about all the different prospects,” said City of Oshkosh manager Mark Rohloff. “We got restaurants, convenient stores, banks, a potential hotel all looking at this, so we’re real excited about the catalyst that Oshkosh Corporation represents for the whole corridor.”

The Oshkosh Area School District, which went from a “meets expectations” ranking to an “exceeds expectations” ranking on its last report card, is in its last year of their strategic plan.

It’s seeking input from different stakeholders in the community to prepare a new one.

“We’re looking for our strengths, what are those opportunities for us, and how can we grow and what are those things that the community is looking for our next generation of learners,” the school district’s superintendent Dr. Vickie Cartwright said.

The information gathered for the OASD’s new roadmap will be put together by University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh.

A representative for UWO was one of the five panelists at the Oshkosh Outlook 2019 event.

Last year, University of Wisconsin campuses in Oshkosh, Fond du Lac and the Fox Valley all became one university.

UWO’s goal this year is to continue merging even more services.

“We’re really excited about the progress we’ve made so far, but we’ve got a lot of work to do,” said UWO special assistant to the chancellor of strategic partnerships Alex Hummel. “We need to concentrate more on the fusion of student services, looking at some of the behind the scenes operations, like budgeting and development of curriculum. So there’s a lot of key decisions that are going to be made in the year ahead.”

For the county, as a whole, discussions about a new sex offender placement regulation, and where a youth juvenile prison should be located were among their key talking points.

“The state plans to close down Lincoln Hills in Copper Lake, and some counties need to be prepared to deal with juveniles on their own or in regional groups,” said Winnebago County executive Mark Harris.

The public also got a chance to ask questions and give their take on what they think should happen in their city in 2019.

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