What did St. Nick bring you?

The arrival of Sinterklaas in Monnickendam, Netherlands, Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Patrick Post)

(WLUK) -- Christmas is almost three weeks away, but many children woke up to small gifts this morning.

St. Nicholas Day is a tradition for many in Northeast Wisconsin. According to the St. Nicholas Center, the saint's feast day of Dec. 6 is celebrated in communities that have strong Dutch, German or Ukrainian heritage.

For those who celebrate, St. Nick stops by overnight and leaves small presents in shoes or stockings.

What did St. Nick leave at your house? Chime In with a photo or video:

So who was St. Nicholas? He was a bishop of Myra, in present-day Turkey, in the fourth century.

Many legends have been attributed to St. Nicholas. Among the most famous is his leaving three dowries for a poor man's daughters, allowing them to marry and avoid being sold into slavery.

In the Roman Catholic Church, Nicholas is the patron saint of mariners, merchants, bakers, travelers and children, among others.

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