Walker, Evers make campaign stops in Northeast Wisconsin

    2018 gubernatorial candidates Tony Evers (D), left, and Scott Walker (R) (Photos courtesy candidates' campaigns)

    (WLUK) -- There just over a week left until the midterm elections and the candidates for governor are going across the state.

    On Saturday, both Governor Scott Walker and Democratic Candidate Tony Evers made stops in Northeast Wisconsin.

    Walker stopped at the Appleton Republican Field office.

    Tony Evers was at the Green Bay Teamsters building.

    Both addressed their plans, as the election gets closer.

    "It's great to be back in the Fox Valley, really crisscrossing the state talking about how Wisconsin's working and getting that message out to volunteers who are then going out and knocking on doors, making phone calls, connecting with their neighbors, family, friends, folks they work with and worship with and tell them how Wisconsin is really working. We can't afford to go back down," said Gov. Scott Walker.

    "Green Bay, talking to people that are actually doing the canvasing and then we just continue to go across the state, talking about our positive vision around schools. Making sure that we have good roads and good health care. And we're not going to change much from what we've been doing, it's been working well, people are responding well and those are the issues that are important to the people of the state," said Tony Evers.

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