Walker, Evers continue to campaign as Election Day nears

2018 gubernatorial candidates Tony Evers (D), left, and Scott Walker (R) (Photos courtesy candidates' campaigns)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- This week, Gov. Scott Walker and his democratic opponent Tony Evers have been in Green Bay.

Both candidates are front runners for their respective parties.

"It's just a good time out talking to folks," said Gov. Walker while tailgating Sunday at the Packers game.

"As most of you know, I'm a proud Plymouth progressive," said Tony Evers, at the Democratic Party of Brown County Tuesday.

UW-Green Bay political science professor Aaron Weinschenk says with the election a little over a month away, voters tend to learn more about candidates and their platforms.

"You tend to see things tighten up as the election gets closer," said Weinschenk.

The most recent Marquette Law School Poll shows Evers at 49 percent and Walker at 44 percent among likely voters in the governor’s race.

"That's not a good sign if you're Gov. Walker and you see the person ahead of you slightly or dead even with you," Weinschenk said.

Walker's seeking a third term and history has shown incumbents tend to have an advantage. Walker has also continued to tout things like freezing tuition prices and a low unemployment rate.

Weinschenk says Evers' background in education can work in his favor.

Walker and Evers have used campaign ads and social media to persuade voters.

On Twitter Walker says in part, "Our $8 billion in tax cuts has provided relief for families and our seniors... Tony Evers wants to raise property, income and gas taxes..."

Evers says in part "Fact Check: Over one million Wisconsinites have voted to raise their own taxes because Walker has gutted our public schools and abandoned our kids..."

Voters will decide between those two, and four third party candidates on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

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