Walker discusses Kimberly-Clark, still no deal

    The front entrance of Kimberly-Clark in Fox Crossing (WLUK image)

    GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Last Wednesday, FOX 11 reported local elected officials asked Kimberly-Clark to extend its deadline on a $100 million tax incentives bill.

    Officials asked Kimberly-Clark to postpone the vote until after the November election.

    The company gave the State Senate until Sunday, Sept. 30 to vote on the bill which would save Kimberly-Clark's Cold Spring Facility in Fox Crossing.

    Gov. Scott Walker was in Green Bay Sunday for the Packers-Bills game. FOX 11 asked Walker for an update on the Kimberly-Clark deal.

    "We've been having a lot of talks this last week. We're still cautiously optimistic we can work something out. Our hopes will be that early on Monday, we'll be able to get to a point where we can figure out what the next step is. But for all the people working there, for all the families affected, it's really critically important we find a way to keep this open. The next step for us is to see where we... how we can push this going forward," said Walker.

    About 500 people work at the Cold Spring facility.

    The incentive bill already cleared the Assembly.

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