Veterans in New London plan protest against city council members on Saturday

New London Veterans Memorial. (WLUK/Amber Luckett)

NEW LONDON (WLUK) -- A group of veterans in New London are upset with city officials, over their decision to construct a garbage collection site just 25 feet from their new memorial.

Members of the New London Veterans Memorial Foundation feel the action of the city is disrespectful to the 980 veterans who have their names on the wall. They say they're concerned about spillage of garbage and odors potentially coming from the area.

"We've asked them what their plan is for this and what they're going to do to control the things we are concerned about, and the Mayor said we are not in the garbage business," said James Jaeger the Chairperson for the foundation.

On November 10, the foundation plans to hold an event at the park from 10 to 2. Members say they're protesting the location of the garbage site and the cities lack of communication to address their concerns.

"If this does not work after this, we are going to communicate with the city and see what the requirements are to get this on the next April election," he said.

Jaeger says they hope to collect at least 1,500 signatures from community members to present at the next city council meeting.

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