UW-Oshkosh police urge students to use safety resources

(WLUK file photo/Gabrielle Mays)

OSHKOSH (WLUK) -- Students at UW-Oshkosh say you can never be too careful when walking to and from class.

Nicole Beck is a freshman and told FOX 11, "I carry around pepper spray when I walk. When I'm walking in the dark by myself I'm always on the phone with someone."

Beck lives in the area of Lincoln and Cherry Avenue. Police say it's the same area where a group of people assaulted 2 victims early Saturday morning.

Sgt. Chris Gorte with the Oshkosh Police Department said, "The two victims that we were able to speak with, were unable to give a detailed description. The only description they were able to get were a large group of possibly 10 to 15 people."

The victims were injured but did not need medical treatment.

"They did not know why they were assaulted. The investigation is still ongoing but at this point nothing was taken from them," Gorte said.

Lt. Trent Martin with the University of Oshkosh Police told FOX 11, this type of behavior is common on and around college campuses. He said to keep those assaults from happening to students, safety measures can be taken.

"We encourage people to walk in pairs or groups, don't walk a lone especially late at night and make sure someone knows where you're going and when you get there," Martin said.

University police are urging students to get the free UWO mobile app which includes multiple safety resources.

Martin explained, "It also has a resource called 'Friend Walk' where they're allowed to connect with other friends on this app and a friend can watch them go home to see if they make it home safely and we do have a safe walk program with our CSO's, our Community Service Officers."

Although Beck hasn't had to use the app, she knows she can count on law enforcement when she needs it.

Beck told FOX 11, "The cops are good here, yesterday I waited in the morning like around 4:30 and they sat and waited with me until my ride came,"

If you have any information about Saturday's assault, Oshkosh Police would like you to give them a call at 920-236-5700.

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