Two local hunters education teachers honored

James Kolka and Tom Karrow were presented with lifetime achievement awards for teaching hunter's safety courses to thousands of students in Hortonville, September 21, 2017. (WLUK)

HORTONVILLE (WLUK) -- Two hunters education teachers are making a difference for students all across our area.

James Kolka and Tom Karrow have been showing new hunters the ropes for more than 40 years and Thursday they were honored.

Kolka and Karrow were presented with lifetime archievement awards for their service.

The two have trained hundreds of hunters in Northeast Wisconsin.

They say that training responsible hunters is their goal.

"I enjoyed it, figured I was doing some good for the hunter program," Kolka said.

"Being able to work with the youngsters, you establish some strong friendships with the people who are here," Karrow said.

Kolka said he's been teaching hunters education for 44 years and Karrow 41 years.

Both say they're not sure yet whether they'll return to the classroom next year.

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