TSA making changes to carry-on screening process

Travelers this holiday season will see new changes to the TSA screening process, December 12, 2017. (WLUK) 

ASHWAUBENON (WLUK) -- When it comes to airport safety, Rachel Quinlain says she doesn't mind taking a few extra steps.

"It's always risky flying nowadays, or at least it feels risky. I appreciate when they take extra precautions," she explained.

Those precautions are being upgraded.

"We will be rolling out changes to how we secure certain electronics at airports around the country," said Wisconsin TSA Security Director, Mark Lendvay.

Those changes will be specific to electronics that are bigger than your cell phone.

"Please be taken out of your bag and to be run separately. That applies to large and small tablets," explained TSA officer, Angie Melton.

That only applies to carry-on bags.

Melton says that also includes any food items or holiday gifts you're looking to take on-board, "Gifts you carry on with you, we recommend a gift bag so, we can take it out easier if we need to check it."

Lendvay says some airports have already begun the process. He says it will be practiced at airports nationwide by next summer, "Here in Green Bay, we started training officers approximately two weeks ago; we will turn this on 100 percent just after the holidays."

Lendvay says the precaution is a way the agency is working to keep a watchful eye on electronics, "These measures were put in place because of that concern because a laptop for example, or electronic items can create potential explosives."

A security measure Quinlain says is worth the peace of mind, "Feel a little more secure in the air."

Officials with Austin Straubel say the changes will be fully implemented by New Years.

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