Tribal school rewards students for good deeds

Menominee Tribal School opened a holiday shop where students can earn rewards for good behavior and buy gifts. (WLUK image) 

NEOPIT (WLUK) -- Step inside the "Holiday Shoppe" at Menominee Tribal School and you'll find Tate' Zhuckkahosee looking for the perfect Christmas gift.

"My mom likes black stuff so I might buy her one of these," Zhuckkahosee said as he lifted up wall decor.

The shop is sectioned into two parts: a cash option and a paw award option.

But if you want to use paw awards at the shop, first you have to earn them.

"I listened to my teachers a lot and I didn't bully at all and I stuck up for people," said Zhuckkahosee, while explaining how he earned his paw awards.

The overall goal of the shop is to reinforce positive behavior.

For nearly two weeks, Nan Corn has been a volunteer here. She spends most her time waiting for students to check out, and then she bags the items they purchase.

"The kids are finding something for their family members than themselves and it's kind of nice because they all look and their eyes are all big and they want to get that and their just happy about being able to buy things," Corn said.

Caleb Putnam had his eye on something special.

"I bought a reindeer that was like a lamp but you light it. I spent all my money on that," he said.

The school says it's seen quite a few benefits while rewarding students for good behavior.

"It's kind of just a visual reminder of the good job they are doing. And then, a lot of times what happens is the other students see how good their friends are doing and they want to be better themselves and make better choices so it's great to see," said Amy Van Schyndel, Menominee Tribal School dean of students.

After a few minutes of searching the shop, Zhuckkahosee managed to find what he was looking for.

"I'm going to buy my mom some soap," Zhuckkahosee said.

Some of the items in the shop are donated by staff and community members.

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