There's still time to get a flu shot

Flu shot supplies (WLUK image)

APPLETON (WLUK) -- We're well into what doctors are calling the most severe flu season since 2009, but have we hit the peak yet?

"You don't know until you're coming down, but the good news is we're seeing less absenteeism in our school districts, which is always, kind of, a good sign," explained Appleton city health director Kurt Eggebrecht who told FOX 11 News that so far 38 people have been hospitalized this season with flu in the city.

Dr. Seth Udlis with SSM Health told us it's similar in the Fond du Lac area.

"There's been several dozen hospitalizations from the flu," he said.

And there's still several weeks left in the season.

"April is still a time that we see flu circulating," said Eggebrecht.

The health professionals said there is still time to get the flu shot,

"What we have seen across the country is those who are hospitalized, or worse, having deaths, especially children, they haven't been vaccinated. So it's still really important," Eggebrecht explained.

They acknowledge it is not 100% effective, but can help you even if you do get sick.

"It really minimizes the severity of it," Eggebrecht said.

But flu shot, or not, Udlis told us it's important to wash your hands and any surfaces that are often touched to prevent spreading the virus.

He said there are severe signs you need to watch for if you do get sick.

"In adults: any difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, pain in your chest, dizziness, confusion, severe or persistent vomiting, or flu symptoms that seem to get better and then all of a sudden come back with a worse fever or coughing; in children: any fast breathing, trouble breathing, turning blue, not drinking enough fluids, not waking up or interacting, or being very irritable," Udlis explained, saying if any of that happens you should go to the emergency room.

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