NEW Zoo reveals names of penguin chicks

The penguin chicks at the NEW Zoo are named Cheers and Pip March 14, 2018. (WLUK image)

SUAMICO (WLUK) -- The votes are in, and the two penguin chicks at the NEW Zoo now have names.

The penguins, both males, are named Cheers and Pip. Those names were chosen in an online vote, which began last month.

Cheers is the older of the two penguins. His name was inspired by the fact that he hatched on New Year's Day. Pip's name was inspired by his small "pipsqueak" size when he hatched four days later.

Cheers is being cared for by his parents, Doodle and Gilligan. Zookeepers are still helping feed Pip. Zoo officials say this is not unusual for African penguins born in captivity, since in the wild, the species typically successfully raises only one chick at a time.

Zoo officials say each chick's first coat of "swimming feathers" is coming in nicely. The zoo hopes to introduce Cheers to the water soon, inclusing some supervised "swimming lessons." Pip is expected to follow soon after.

The zoo plans to continue posting updates on the chicks on its social media channels.

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