The FOX 11 Ice Desk... it's back

The 2018 Ice Desk. (WLUK/Kaley Allard)

ASHWAUBENON (WLUK) -- Would it be a true FOX 11 winter without an ice desk? Many at FOX 11 would argue no.

The 2018 edition of the FOX 11 Ice Desk was installed on the FOX 11 Weather Deck Saturday.

Krystal Kleer Ice Sculptures in Appleton built and installed the desk. Paul Salmon, of Krystal Kleer Ice, says nine slabs of ice make up the desk.

"The weather inspired me to make this year's desk. Most of the artwork is a product of how cold it is," Salmon said.

The desk has wind chill on one side blowing cold air and a person in a snow suit shivering from the cold.

There's also a thermometer encased in ice.

Look for reports from the desk on Good Day Wisconsin and FOX 11 News at Five, Nine and Ten. We'll use the desk until it completely melts.

Sometimes, if it lasts too long, our meteorologists will smash the desk. That's what happened in 2016.

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