Texas teacher and Wisconsin native raises $60,000 in marathon campaign

    Bruce Hermans and Allison Hertzell with their family after the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Sunday, May 20, 2018. (WLUK)<p>{/p}

    GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Many ran the Cellcom Green Bay marathon in Packers gear this morning, but one man took a lap around Lambeau field wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt. But before Wisconsinites get mad, the Sussex native did it to raise awareness for Oral Cancer.

    It was Bruce Hermans first marathon Sunday.

    “I was hoping to beat four hours and 15 minutes and I did 357.03, so this is like the Olympics for me,” Hermann said just minutes after finishing.

    But his time was hardly the highlight of his day. The reason he ran the marathon was to raise money for Oral cancer research and a fellow teacher at the school he works at in Coppell, Texas.

    Hermans started Run4Allison, a campaign which has raised nearly sixty-thousand dollars before he finished the race.

    “It's been a long journey for them getting here and I couldn’t be more proud,” said Allison Hertzell. “Especially for them supporting me and oral cancer research.”

    Hertzell is a choir teacher at Coppell Middle School West in Coppell, Texas, and she is struggling with her ability to sing, teach and even speak.

    She’s battling stage four tongue and head and neck cancer, and Hermans hopes if anything his campaign gives her the motivation to keep fighting.

    Fighting back tears this vice principal decided to channel this into something everyone he knew could get behind.

    Originally from Sussex he's a Lifelong Packers fan, but working in Texas he’s in Cowboy Country. With Run4Allison he put Packers and Cowboys fans to the test in the ultimate match-up.

    “He's rallied behind us and he’s got the whole middle school involved,” said Hertzell.

    Whichever team's fanbase raised more money, Hermans would dote that team’s logo for his final lap around Lambeau.

    And it wouldn’t be decided until he made it to the mile 25. He took no time to stop when he reached the marker. His son met him to reveal which jersey he would wear.

    “When I hit mile 25.2 I had to throw a Cowboys Jersey on because the cowboys were still ahead by about 3,000 dollars,” said Hermans.

    But within the last mile team “PackersRun4Allison” received multiple large donations, putting them in the lead before Bruce even hit the finish line.

    “Someone threw me a Packers jersey and said we won,” said Hermans.

    Both Hermans and Hertzell were surprised by the impact this campaign has made.

    “Everyone once and a while you have a good idea and people get behind it,” said Hermans. “And I’m just happy for all the people who supported it. A lot of people feel really good about this.”

    The GoFundMe page is still up if you'd like to donate.

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