'Making a Murderer' update: Supreme Court will review Dassey case June 14

Brendan Dassey (Photo source: Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WLUK) – The Supreme Court will discuss if it will hear Brendan Dassey’s appeal on June 14.

Dassey, along with his uncle, Steven Avery, are serving life sentences after being convicted for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach.

After the high court’s discussion, four of the nine justices must vote to review the case. If they do, arguments would be scheduled. If they do not, the last court ruling – in this case which upholds Dassey’s conviction – will stand.

The June 14 date was posted on the court’s calendar Tuesday. The decision if it will review the case will be announced sometime after that, usually within weeks.

Dassey’s lawyers argue his confession as a teen was coerced and should not stand. Prosecutors maintain the case was handled properly and the high court should not review it.

Avery's most recent legal move was to appeal a Sheboygan County judge's ruling denying him a new trial to the state Court of Appeals.

Dassey and Avery's cases gained attention in 2015 after Netflix aired "Making a Murderer," which examined Halbach's death and spawned conjecture about Avery and Dassey's innocence. Authorities who worked on the cases said the series was biased.

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