Sun Prairie community comes together after deadly explosion

Sun Prairie Explosion Aftermath Wednesday, July 22, 2018. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang)

SUN PRAIRIE (WLUK) -- Just minutes after Sandy Kedzierski was evacuated from her home Tuesday night, an abrupt explosion followed.

“I knew what had happened. I didn’t know where the location was, but I figured it was close to where I just came from,” Kedzierski told FOX 11.

Shortly, she learned it came from a gas leak, underneath her apartment. Kedzierski lived above Barr House.

“Of course, I was very sad about it, nobody wants to lose all their belongings, but I was feeling really lucky that they got us out before any of this happened,” said Kedzierski.

With nothing left but the clothes she had on, Kedzierski came to Sun Prairie High School, where the American Red Cross set up a shelter.

“We had 85 people stay here last night. There was food, water, access to mental health resources,” said Justin Kern, American Red Cross regional communications officer.

Kern says the community support was incredible.

“We have more than enough water and food and diapers and toys for the people that have been displaced.”

“Every time I go in the door, there’s more there. Not only physical items, but also their support, the way they talk to you,” said Kedzierski.

But even with all the aid, Kedzierski’s neighbor, says he was concerned about something else.

“I actually broke the barricade down there and parked right on Main Street, so I can try to get my dog out, but they were fighting me on it and wouldn’t let me in,” explained Trent Kreymeyer.

Restless and panicked, Kreymeyer had no whereabouts of his dog, Harley. But officers were already on the case, taking any pets, they found to a temporary place.

“She’s my kid, you know. She’s a dog to a lot of people, but she’s my kid,” Kreymeyer told FOX 11.

Kreymeyer reunited with Harley, Wednesday, saying he’s grateful for the officers.

As for Kedzierski, she’s staying encouraged, in hopes of finding a new home.

“I figured I’m not getting any younger and in order to get through it, you have to be tough and take every day as it comes,’ said Kedzierski.

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