Sturgeon Bay looks at possibility of Premier Resort Area Tax

Sturgeon Bay looks at possibly of Premier Resort Area Tax to help pay for road improvements, December 21, 2017. (WLUK) 

STURGEON BAY (WLUK) --From daily items to gifts, Pery Androplois, says his store 'Channel Door County', brings in a variety of customers.

"We see a very board cross section, from visitors to locals that are very encouraging and supporting of the shop," he explained.

Sturgeon Bay City Administrator, Josh Van Lieshout, says the city is looking at adding a half-percent sales tax.

It's known as a Premier Resort Area Tax, and would apply to most purchases.

The tax would not include groceries or car sales.

Van Lieshout says the money raised would be used to fix Sturgeon Bay's roads, "We feel the conditions of the city streets, and the transportation infrastructure is in poor enough condition, that we need to really start re-investing in those assets."

The decision to add the tax will be left up to voters.

Van Lieshout says the city will have a referendum on the April ballot, "Whether you live in corporate limits of the city or if you live one of the joining townships, or live in Chicago, Minneapolis, if you buy that in the city then you would pay a half-percent sales tax."

Andropolis says he's not completely sold on the idea, "Visitors and locals, doesn't really seem to be fair, because many items are universal."

Van Lieshout says the city has looked at other ideas, but he says the council believes this will be the best option, "In looking at the premier resort area tax, that looks like the best way for the city to go."

The city expects the a half-percent would raise around $500,000 dollars each year. If the half-percent sales tax is approved, Sturgeon Bay's sales tax would be six-percent.

The common council plans to discuss the referendum question at its January 2nd meeting.

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