Steuer enters Green Bay's mayoral race; Evans sets announcement date

The candidates who have either officially announced or set a date to announce their intentions to run to be Green Bay's next mayor. (Photos submitted)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- The field is starting to form in the race to be Green Bay's next mayor.

A city alderman entered the race Friday, with a Brown County supervisor saying he'll make his intentions official in a few weeks.

Current Mayor Jim Schmitt announced in November that he would not seek a fifth, four-year term. However, Schmitt has maintained he will change his mind if he doesn't believe there is a qualified candidate in the race.

Joining some of his constituents at Murphy Park, Green Bay City Council President Mark Steuer officially announced he wants to be mayor.

“Being an alder for almost 7 years, you talk to a lot of citizens over time and they tell you things like the house behind me is condemned or there is a loose dog over there and this and that,” said Steuer. “Basically, the important thing is to listen to the people.”

Steuer is on his fourth term as District 10's alderman. He worked 25 years in the city's planning department from 1981 to 2005. For the previous 10 years, he's been a special needs instructor at ASPIRO.

“I'm looking at trails, I'm looking at more parks, just things that will keep folks here in town,” said Steuer, who also would like to institute a preservation ordinance to protect some of Green Bay’s older structures.

It appears Steuer's neighbor, just six houses down, will be one of his challengers.

“He talked about running and I told Mark, I said you know what? You have to do it. Why not? Because it's better to get in to the race versus sit out and say boy should I have done that,” said Pat Evans, a longtime county supervisor.

Evans says he will officially announce his run and mayoral platform at Titletown Brewing Company on June 19th.

“This is a big job and you need to have people that have credentials and these credentials need to be an education, they need to be, as stated, a strong business background, local government experience, and certainly being involved in the community,” said Evans.

Already in the race is Democratic State Representative Eric Genrich, who also lives in the same west side city council district as Steuer and Evans.

The mayoral primary would be on February 19th. The general election is April 2nd.

There are a number of other possible candidates who have said they are considering a mayoral run. The correct paperwork and signatures needed to be on the ballot must be turned in the first week of January.

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