St. Nick fills stockings across Northeast Wisconsin

Dutch Santa Claus known as 'Sinterklaas' rides through the Dutch quarter of Potsdam, Germany, Saturday Dec.11, 1999. Sinterklaas is visiting a Christmas market in this former Prussian town. (AP Photo/Sven Kaestner)

(WLUK) -- It's a tradition that's not widely celebrated in the U.S., but is very common in Northeast Wisconsin.

Lots of children woke up Wednesday morning to gifts from St. Nicholas. In areas with strong German heritage, such as Northeast Wisconsin, St. Nick leaves small treats in stockings or shoes for kids to find the morning of Dec. 6.

St. Nicholas was a bishop in what is now Turkey during the fourth century. Legends have sprung up about Nicholas' generosity and gift-giving acts. He is the patron saint of many groups of people, including children.

Earlier this year, archaeologists said they may have discovered St. Nicholas' remains beneath a church at his birthplace in southern Turkey.

How do you celebrate St. Nick's Day? Take a photo or video of the gifts he left and share it with us here:

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