While some head out for NYE, others say they prefer to stay in

Busy day at local grocery stores as many prepare to host New Years Eve parties, rather than go out, December 31, 2017. (WLUK) 

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Picking up some last-minute grocery items for New Year's Eve.

"Some Seagram Seven and some champagne," said Betty Flak.

Flak, who is also celebrating her birthday, says it's a tradition to ring in the new year at home, "We're going to have some friends over for dinner."

She says that includes a four-course meal, "Making some rib eye, cheesy mash potatoes, shrimp, and Texas caviar."

And Flak wasn't alone.

"Had to get some cookies, shrimp, check out the prime rib, that kind of stuff," explained Phil Frontuto.

Frontuto was also picking up some items, for what he says will be a family night-in, "We usually stay home. We have a movie marathon throughout the night, and all day tomorrow."

Cory Smith with Pick and Save says both New Year's Eve and Packer game day celebrations made for a busy day, "Esepcially with Packer game day, a lot of people coming in picking up trays and drinks to celebrate the holiday, and bring in the new year."

As for both Flak, and Frontuto, they say they wouldn't want to bring in the new year any other way.

"Happy New Year!," said both, Flak, and Frontuto.

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