Snowy weather brings boost to Northwoods economy

Snowmobilers on the trail near Crivitz, February 5, 2018 (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

MARINETTE COUNTY (WLUK) -- The recent round of snow is giving people a chance to hit the trails.

Snowmobilers were out Monday near Crivitz, and business officials say that outdoor activity brings a boost to the local economy.

At the Corner Convenience store west of Crivitz, snowmobilers are fueling up and heading out.

"Riding. Beautiful conditions. Freshly-groomed trails," said Bill Udell, Crivitz.

"It's been kind of slow until now, but now, this last couple, last week or so, it's been fantastic," said Bob Simon/Green Bay.

Over the weekend, seven inches of snow fell on parts of Marinette County.

"It was just like the frosting on the cake, and it was really nice, to see a seven-inch snowfall at one time," said Jeff Schwaller, Marinette County Snowmobile Club Director.

Schwaller is Marinette County's snowmobile club director. He says many area trails were open before Christmas.

"It looked like it was going to be a good year. Everything froze up real nice. Swamps, lakes and everything nice and solid which was good. And then all we needed was the snow," said Schwaller.

Schwaller says minor snowfalls in January were just enough to keep many of the trails open. He says the weekend weather was a game-changer.

"I can't remember the last time we saw a significant snowfall like that. It's been a while," said Schwaller.

Schwaller also works at JC PowerSports in Crivitz. He says this recent snow is good for business.

"We saw the spike already on Saturday. If it wasn't in sales, it was in service, parts. People coming up, getting those last-minute items that they needed. Oil, belts, all the small stuff," said Schwaller.

Schwaller says he had a chance to hit the trails too.

"Took a ride Saturday night. It was phenomenal. It was wonderful out there," he said.

By Monday, many trails were groomed, waiting for riders to break them in.

"Yesterday we put on 70. Saturday we put on 80. Today, we'll put on over 100. It's great. They're great right now, no sleds out," said Udell.

The snowmobile season in the Crivitz area typically runs to about the first week of April.

Marinette County's snowmobile trail conditions are updated weekly.

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